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Do you feel like you’ve missed out on making money in property?
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In many parts of Australia, the market is experiencing a property BOOM and it’s a fantastic opportunity to buy and control property. Buyers are back in the market and property prices are rising strongly. But what happens if the market falls? Will you be stuck with a property that could be consuming a lot of your own cash and become worth less than what you owe?

1 Going broke trying to pay off their negatively geared properties. 2

Struggling to sell their property in this cash-less economy.

3 Abandoning their dreams of home ownership because banks have tightened lending

Don’t get me wrong, investing in property is a no-brainer at the moment. Prices have gone up, auction clearance rates are on fire, the bank share index is up 54 per cent in the past 12 months and median house prices are up 7 percent.

But what if I could tell you that no matter whether the market BOOMS or not you can still make a lot of money through property with any house, without the risk of using a lot of your own cash?

About 20 years ago, I discovered a remarkable property investment system that allowed me to purchase 76 properties in 12 months without bank finance and in a FALLING MARKET. Since then my students and I have used this technique to PROFIT throughout rising, falling and BOOMING markets.

Best-Selling Author — His Book Was Voted In The Top #10 Financial Titles of 2013 by Dymocks Bookstores. Rick is a “dirt under your fingernails” property investor with 23 years experience investing in real estate for maximum profit.
Consistently Ranked #1 Australian Business/Investing Podcast — Rick's style is entertaining and easy to understand.
Trained 35,000 Property Investors Using His System Since 2001 — Rick runs one of the oldest property training companies in Australia. He has successfully taught over 35,000 people his innovative systems on how to buy, sell and trade property in Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom.
  Andy and Claire – One-Bedroom Apartment, Queensland  

We got a call from a gentleman who had to go overseas immediately and he needed to get his one-bedroom apartment sold quickly. So we assumed the loan and found ourselves a buyer. He was unable to get a bank loan because he was self-employed.

But through the terms we had reached, he was able to purchase his very own property, which he liked very much because it was in a new complex and that it was close to the place he worked.

In the deal, we made $20,000 upfront, approximately $130 per month positive cashflow and made a backend profit of $15,500.

Results not typical. Individual results may vary. As with all things, results are dependent on the work put in and the dedication of the individual
If I Can Do It… Anyone Really Can

While all the "negative gearing devotees" are working their butts off to be rich "someday", I'm enjoying the profits NOW ... and some later ... just not all later when I'm too old to enjoy it.

What's more, I've now shown loads of Aussies how to do exactly the same thing. And you know what?

  Anthony and Christine - $40,000 in One Transaction!  

We found a seller who was in mortgage distress. She had just lost her job and was unable to cover her monthly payments.

The buyer we found was having trouble getting bank financing. But with the right terms, he was more than capable of making payments to the seller.

So we got both parties together and we arranged the deal. The seller was able to unburden herself from her mortgage obligations while the buyer was finally able to buy a home for his family. It was a Win-Win situation.

Our profit in the deal was $40,000!

Results not typical. Individual results may vary. As with all things, results are dependent on the work put in and the dedication of the individual
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How To Create Your Cash Flow Machine Using The Tightest Marketing Budget You’ve Ever Seen – … Yes, It’s True … I Will Reveal Some Of Our Biggest Guerrilla Marketing Strategies That Make Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars On The Smell Of An Oily Rag
The First Thing You Must Demand From A Potential Buyer Before You EVER Agree To Meet Them On-Site (this little secret will save loads of time and money)
The A to Z of Basic No Money Down … Which Will Have You Owning 1-5 Homes … Then My Supercharged Advanced Secrets Which Will Take You From 5 Homes to 50
Brand New-How To Create Cashflow With No Loan Liability! (That’s right-you don’t need to qualify for a bank loan or have much money to put down towards purchase)

  James Campbell Bruce - Over $42,000 Using The "Handyman Special"!  

I received a call from a seller who was 9 months behind in their mortgage payments. They were about to be evicted in 11 days and they needed to sell their property fast.

So we bought the property from them, which freed them from their burden. And then we on-sold it to a family via a handyman special deal.

The benefit to the seller was that he was able to move on without taking a hit on his credit. The buyer, on the other hand, was able to buy a home without having to come up with a large deposit (thanks to sweat equity). So it was definitely a win-win for both parties.

In that deal, we received $15,000 up front, cash flow of $651 per month, and a back end profit of $27,000

Results not typical. Individual results may vary. As with all things, results are dependent on the work put in and the dedication of the individual
My Students and I are out there, in the market,
Generating Thousands of Dollars a Month in Passive
Income Right Now!

I will be sharing many of my deals and case studies and working through some of your property problems at the event. You'll see a video of me on the phone purchasing a property for $1 in a real-life transaction. I'll be there to explain the whole process step-by-step on how you too can buy houses WITHOUT new bank loans or needing large deposits.

So, What Will You Do Now?
Dismiss everything you've read on this web page as “too good to be true” and do nothing. You could ignore every single one of my real student's success stories and case studies. You'll go back to your life and stay within your comfort zone. And 5 years from now, you'll probably be in the exact same position as you are now. If you're OK with that, then good luck to you.

You take action and register for my FREE “READY SET BOOM” National Tour. During the event you'll discover proven methods for buying property with any house, in any market.

You'll walk out of the event feeling inspired and motivated
to take charge of your financial future. The choice is yours!

You’re Probably Wondering If This Seminar Is
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I’m going to prove to you that my strategies work, and spend a full day uncovering my real estate system at no cost to you. Come away feeling inspired and ready to grow your property portfolio and start making property profits immediately!

This complete one day event is valued at $497 but yours FREE. Seating is strictly limited and is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. To avoid disappointment, I urge you to reserve your FREE seat while you still can!

We will place SOLD OUT on our events when we reach full capacity, so please be quick.

Attend The Ready Set BOOM National Tour 2014
One Day Live Event
9:00am to 3:00pm

  Steven Donaldson – Sold “Unsellable” House in 9 Days!  

I met a seller who had his property on the market for ages and he was asking if I could help him with the sale. So I entered into a Joint Venture with him and arranged the terms with another person coming in via an instalment contract.

This allowed the seller to get a decent price off of his property while the buyer was able to come in quickly and conveniently.

The whole process took just 9 days and I received $20,000 from the arrangement, with no money out.

Results not typical. Individual results may vary. As with all things, results are dependent on the work put in and the dedication of the individual

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